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Learning at Training in Electrical by Lee Prentice

03 December 2020

So I finally made the decision that I hated my current job as a welder that much that I was going to retrain and start a new career hoping that I could find something that I actually liked doing.

So I researched a few trades and decided I was going to be an Electrician. Next was where and how to train, so after a bit of research I came across Training in Electrical and decided that this was the place I was going to train at and signed up to the level 2 course running on a Saturday.

I’m not going to lie it’s not a easy course at all, some people glide through it but that was not the case for me it took hard work and a lot of studying but I passed and on the first day I had thought that was impossible for me.

After level 2 covid hit and there was quite a gap between courses, but after a lot of hard work from the staff at training in electrical we finally got back in the classroom I am just coming to the end of the course now.

I have also done my 18th edition wiring regulations and 2391-52 Inspection and Testing.

The centre is a pleasure to be around and all set up to make you succeed in your goal. To be honest I will miss the place. 

Special thankyou to Andy, Lucy, Mrinal, Adrian and Kris. 

I don’t think I would of got through the training without all the help and support. 

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