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Striving to Get Back into Our Day-To-Day

08 July 2020

As the transition of the ‘normality’ progresses forward since the Covid-19 outbreak, we all strive to get back into our day-to-day routine. Here at Training in Electrical, classes are have once again re-started. With our present learners being welcomed back into theory classes and practical lessons, it’s a great feeling to see so many of our students returning and finishing their electrotechnical qualifications.

We have had to adjust, like everyone, to safely protect our students and adhere to social distancing. Classrooms have, at this time, been adapted to keep us all safe and workshop practical training areas have been improved to separate each learner. 

Thanks to our passionate staff, who have dedicated so much of their time and effort, we are able to continue to deliver high quality training in a great and friendly learning environment.               

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